You are only joking

Dude I am Joking You are Not Adopted

Someone who tricks someone else and then claims that they were only joking is like a crazy person playing with a deadly weapon.

Verbal abuse is a deadly weapon, and covering it over with claims that one was “just joking” and accusing the targeted person of being too sensitive (“you have no sense of humor; you can’t take a joke”) doesn’t minimize its seriousness.  Such cover-ups do not undo or soothe over the deep wounds it inflicts.  In many cases, verbal violence precedes or accompanies physical violence.  Verbal violence is nothing less than psychological abuse, and such abuse leaves scars, even though they don’t show up on the outside as occurs with physical abuse.

Some people like to tease at your expense and then play the innocent victim when you protest. Humor and snide comments are forms of mishandled anger. Taking pot shots and making fun of someone instead of addressing the issue directly is a form of passive aggressive anger. Their zinger followed by “Hey, can’t you just take a joke?” or “I was just teasing,” or “You are too sensitive,” is a tactic designed to put another person in their place or keep them off balance in the name of humor. Instead of taking responsibility for the crude comment, they try to turn the wrongdoing back on you by protesting that what they said is just a joke. They minimize the emotional damage they have done justifying that you are just unusually sensitive or don’t have a sense of humor.


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