In a relationship, anger is cruel and destructive, but it is nothing compared to jealousy.

Deciding when a relationship is never going to be healthy for you and understanding when you are never going to be treated with love or respect is the key to getting out before things become so extreme.   Counseling is very helpful, and so is the support of good friends and loved ones.  We need others to bounce our feelings and thoughts off of.  We need people who truly care about us and want what’s best for us to give us their opinion and advice.

It is better to correct a friend openly than to let them think you don’t care for them at all.

If you are truly concerned for your friend—like, they’re getting into something that’s bad for them, they seem really low or they’re having other problems, being a good friend means you talk about it.

Friends mean well, even when they hurt you. But when an enemy puts their arm around your shoulder—watch out!

Sometimes relationships in our life are only surface level. We go through mistakes and struggles and the best thing someone could do for us is call us out on our bad decisions. But, if we don’t have a true friend, no one will.




All About Friendship






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