Look after your wealth


Look after your wealth as carefully as you can because wealth is not permanent.

I love the idea of micro-economic plans for the poor in developing countries.  You can see the dots connecting.  Rent them a piece of land – they grow crops and sell them – money is used to buy the land and extra crops are to feed the family including some extra money for the purchase of a goat.  First goat gives milk for the family, second goat used for reproducing, third goat’s milk is sold along with the crops from the harvest and then there is more money to buy more land and before you know it they are hiring labourers.

While visiting with some Dutch dairy farmers in Nova Scotia and Ontario I saw a whole new world of farming and having worked a dairy farm I knew this was special.  With 150 or so dairy cows there is a lot of waste.  Someone figured out how to produce bio-gas from this waste.  The waste collected is turned into energy – one farm produced anywhere from 200 -600 kWh and the other 1 MW.  They in turn sell the energy back to the province.  Then the waste goes through another process and comes out like peat moss and that is sold as fertilizer.  So they have milk they sell to the milk board, bio-gas is sold to the province and fertilizer is sold to the landscapers etc.  That is business at its best.

The idea is to work smarter not harder and always have a plan and strategy or if necessary incubate some ideas.









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