Blind to some things

blind to some things

Prejudice is wrong – so why does even the smallest bribe make us do wrong?

Then there is, what is called, Victim Blindness.

It attempts to shift responsibility for wrongdoing to the victims of it, who, the theory goes, should have known that their actions would inspire the conduct that caused them harm, and thus they should have either avoided doing what sparked the unethical response, or by not doing so waived their right to object to it. This is closely related to The Tit-For-Tat Excuse, which holds that one party’s unethical conduct justifies similar unethical conduct in return. The sub-category is “They asked for it.” Victim Blindness is similar, but it applies even greater responsibility to victims: whether they asked for it or not, they should have known their actions would be met with this unethical response, and their ignorance,  carelessness or stupidity constitutes a waiver of ethics.  Clever, but nonsense. We do not judge the ethics of conduct according to the virtues, or lack of same, of its object.

Maybe because we are so selfish and in such a hurry to get rich that we do not know when poverty is about to strike.

So when we are blinded even in our faith, we remember and understanding that Jesus chose us; we did not choose Him, and that makes a huge difference. Because Jesus chose you and me, we can know that God will provide and supply for our needs and strength. God is the one in charge. When you and I choose, we often mess things up and get our agenda and our plans, not God’s. We often become blinded and lose our way. Do we have a part to play? Absolutely!  We are to respond in love and faith. We are to follow boldly.

To be idle at home, diligent abroad, and to ask a blind man the way, may all be great mistakes.  –  Chinese Proverb







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