Receive correction

receive correction

If you get more stubborn every time you are corrected, one day you will be crushed and never recover.

Why would people want to set aside the grace of God?

Honouring those in authority will reveal God’s direction.

Stubbornness requires you to always defend yourself. If someone points out an error or flaw, we evade or deny or blame someone else. That is simply pride manifesting itself.

So just because it doesn’t look the way you expected, it doesn’t feel like you hoped, and it didn’t happen when you expected, don’t lose hope! Is there anything keeping you from being or accomplishing everything God is calling you to be? Is there anything that started as good but became an obstacle? Are there things that you need to stop or get rid of? God will instruct, direct, and correct the ones He loves! So let’s be obedient to His will and walk it out with Him close to us.

It is your own face you see reflected in the water or in a mirror and it is your own self that you seen in your heart.




How to Humbly Give and Receive Correction

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Giving and receiving correction

Receiving Correction



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