If you gave everything they want from childhood on, some day they will take over everything you own. 

If you are giving everything they want because of their quick tempers, then you know that is because you want to avoid the quarreling and trouble.  

Entitlement issues have to do with poor self-worth, and our inability to feel deserving/worthy of receiving what we need and want. Healthy self-esteem means that we’re equally as comfortable ‘getting’ as giving. Our desperate, unrelenting quest to gain acceptance and approval from others (so that we can feel good about ourselves) is central to compulsive giving, fixing and rescuing behaviors. A lack of Self keeps us trying to fill the hole in our soul at any cost, with unsuitable partners who highlight core insecurities we’ve retained since childhood.

Murphy’s Law: If you have to ask, you are not entitled to know.

“For what will it profit men to become expert in more wisely using their wealth, even to gaining the whole world, if thereby they suffer the loss of their souls? What will it profit to teach them sound principles of economic life if in unbridled and sordid greed they let themselves be swept away by their passion for property, so that “hearing the commandments of the Lord they do all things contrary.””
— Pope Pius XI, from the encyclical entitled Quadragesimo Anno, 15 May 1931




Are you a spoiled Canadian with a sense of materialistic entitlement?



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