Never satisfied

 never satisfied

A leech has two daughters, and both are named “Give me!”

The central thought is “the horse leech.” What is a horse leech? It is a carnivorous bloodsucking worm which clings to the flesh and sucks the blood of any animal or man. It is a disgusting creature, more disgusting than snakes. Leeches are carnivorous or parasitic. Leeches consist basically as a tube within a tube, and when we see them in the forest they are very small, looking just like a thread of about 3/8th of an inch. They have a sucker at both ends of their body, and in one of them they have a mouth with teeth, and they have primitive eyes, from one to five pairs. Leeches travel like a slinky. You remember the slinky, a metal spiral which can walk down the stairs by itself? This is how leeches travel on your skin, and they travel to your groin or to your neck, and lodge there. Leeches are disgusting bloodsuckers.

Compare that with these four things that are never satisfied:

  • the world of the dead – the door of death never has a “No vacancy” sign on it. Death never takes a holiday. Death never fails to accommodate one more.
  • a woman without children – Hannah did not argue with Elkanah when he said he was better to her than ten sons. He had been good to her and she knew it. But, in her unhappiness and discontent as a barren woman, he was not as good to her as ten sons. Nothing could ever satisfy that in the flesh.
  • dry ground that needs rain – God alone, as a universal rule of life, is the one who satisfies the thirsty soul. Not only does He care about and meet our needs physically and spiritually, but He alone can meet the core desires of our lives—the source of our satisfaction.
  • a fire burning out of control – “They want to look for nothing but the chance to commit adultery; their appetite for sin is never satisfied. They lead weak people into a trap. Their hearts are trained to be greedy. They are under God’s curse!” – 2 Peter 2:14




Never Satisfied




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