Small and clever


There are four animals in the world that are small, but very, very clever —

  • ants: they are weak, but they store up their food in the summer
  • rock badgers: they are not strong either, but they make their homes among the rocks
  • locusts: they have no king, but they move in formation
  • lizards: you can hold one in your hand, but you can find them in palaces

Look for God’s wisdom in all of His creation. Everything points to the greatness of He who created all life and form on earth.

Although we do not know all there is to know about God – and that we feel helpless; and have little wisdom, we are still loved by God.

Change your mindset about the foundations of life. We can learn from these small creatures that limitation is not something to hold you from moving on. Weaknesses and problems are not stumbling blocks but leaping stones. The key to life is to consider the great value of small things in life.

One doesn’t have to be a superhero or a big shot to thrive. Industry, plugging away at one’s work a bit at a time, will get the job done. Maybe we can’t add much to God’s kingdom, but all those little bits pile up when we faithfully keep at it.







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